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Calidris on Bala Lake
Amber sailed by Dan and Jake



Calidris is 21ft overall and was launched in 2000. The hull is based on Iain Oughtred’s Caledonia Yawl, the rest is mine - the twin drop keels, the rudder, the cabin, deck layout, and the lateen rig, etc. The lapstrake construction is marineply on oak, almost everything is held together with epoxy resin!

For more images of Calidris click the picture.

Amber is my attempt at the whole process of boat building. From concept to construction.

She is 10’ long with 4’6” beam. The idea was to design a lightweight, cartop-able dinghy that sailed well, looked good, and was relatively easy to build. She was launched 2006.

For more images of Amber click the picture.

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