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stoneware and porcelain
small boat design

I love lapstrake designed boats! I’ve built two:  Amber, pictured above,

a 10ft dinghy to my design and Calidris, a 21ft double-ender based on an Iain Oughtred hull design which I have developed into a trailer-sailer and mini-cruiser.

© 2005 derek burnett

The pottery pieces I make are stoneware. The decoration ranges from sgraffito (incised) designs  to inlays and handtrailed slip. Everything is hand-crafted with the intention of trying to impart a feeling of immediacy, energy and freshness to the pots and be true to the very nature of the materials themselves - to keep that earthy feeling.

My interest in photography is, like most of my other activities, varied. These shots are about documenting the wealth of wildlife that exists, often literally, on one’s doorstep! They don’t attempt at being the ‘bee’s knees’ as it were, in terms of highly accomplished technical photographs, but rather a delightful record of observations from my back door. I also have a professional interest in photography and its creative use. More of that to come.

sketch book

I use drawing to solve problems. I think best with a pen in my hand. This sketchbook contains, amongst other things, examples of this process. Occasionally I’ll want to explore a visual idea.

One in particular is knotwork. Its origins date back into the mists of time; many cultures have played with its intricacies. Its  fascination remains undiminished.

all images © 2006 derek burnett